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WPEngine Coupon Code 2013

2013 December 10
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by Evgeny Ponomarev

Sign up for an annual plan and save 30% on hosting! Just use the special offer code
“HappyNewHost14″ when signing up. Then relax and enjoy hassle free hosting in the New Year!

Valid from 12/15/13 to 12/31/13 – Be sure to sign up by the end of the day Tuesday 12/31.
Only valid for new customers.
Coupon code: HappyNewHost14

WPEngine coupon code

Why is WP Engine a special web hosting company? Because their speciality is managed WordPress hosting. You can only host WordPress sites at WP Engine, but they offer many unique features:

  • Automatic WordPress core, plugin and theme upgrades. When a new version of WordPress comes out, they will update your sites to the newest version. They also support a number of plugins and themes for automatic upgrades.
  • Built-in CDN (Content Delivery Network): no need to configure caching plugins, because they offer CDN by default. In short, it means that your website will load much faster for anyone, without any configuration.
  • Automatic backups: no need to worry about data loss.
  • Security: if your site gets hacked, they will fix it at no additional charge to you.
  • And much more, check out their official website for more details!

Pricing starts from $29 / months. WP Engine is more expensive than a typical shared web hosting service, because they specialize in WordPress, they offer exceptional stability, speed, reliability, security and support. If you have very important WordPress sites, you should consider WP Engine.


2012 October 4
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by Evgeny Ponomarev

greengeeksPlans start at 4.95 and some of the features include:

  • Unlimited Web Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth (Data Transfer)
  • Host Unlimited Domains on 1 Account
  • Unlimited E-mail Accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • FREE Domain Name for Life
  • FREE Site Migration or Starter Site
  • FREE Marketing Credits
  • FREE Web Site Builder + Templates
  • Fantastic North American Support
  • Energy Efficient Infrastructure
  • 300% Wind Powered Green Hosting
  • Carbon Neutral Friendly

This site has numerous scripts, database features, mail services, and shopping cart features. It operates on the Linux operating system and there’s 24 hour monitoring of the site. There are backup features and quad core processors as well as support for multimedia features.


2012 October 4
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by Evgeny Ponomarev

godaddyGoDaddy is one of the premier websites for hosting with millions of websites on its servers. Basic plans start at $5.99 but with more features it can cost extra.

Web Builder

The site has numerous hosting plans and there’s an easy to use website builder with drag and drop templates for web developers to use. Templates cover all industries so there’s always something you can find for developing your website. The website builder is easy for anyone to use. The site has integration with twitter and Facebook for your social needs. The site has numerous widgets you can use. Plans include economy at $5.09, deluxe at 7.64, and ultimate at 12.74.

Web Hosting

This package is a little bigger than the website builder package and features Linux and 150 GB of space along with blogging feature such as Word Press, Joomla, and other services. The web hosting package has economy for 4.24, deluxe at 5.94, and ultimate packages at 8.49. This package has support for 500 email addresses and 25 My SQL databases. There’s a one click setup, unlimited storage, bandwidth, 24/7 monitoring, and it’s scalable to meet the needs of your business. These plans like all of them come with various marketing extra such as Google credits.

Full servers are available for administrators, small business, and developers. There’s Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, or Windows OS available. The servers are Intel Core servers with 4 cores and 4GB of RAM. the servers also have 2 x 300GB hard rives and bandwidth of 10TB per month.

Server Packages


OS Linux CentOS 64-Bit
CPU: Intel® Core™ i3 – 2 cores
Storage: 2 x 160 GB hard drives
Bandwidth: 5 TB per month
$99.00 month


OS: Linux CentOS 64-Bit
CPU: Intel Core i5 – 4 cores
Storage: 2 x 1 TB hard drives
Bandwidth: 10 TB per month
$199.00 month


OS: Linux CentOS 64-Bit
CPU: Intel Core i7 – 4 cores
RAM: 16 GB
Storage: 2 x 2 TB hard drives
Bandwidth: 20 TB per month
299.00 Month


2012 October 4
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by Evgeny Ponomarev

FatCowPlans with FatCow starts at #3.15 and goes up from there. You get unlimited disk space, bandwidth, POP mailboxes, My SQL databases, and domains. Your domain name is free when you signup and there’s a website builder. The site features scripts, and a shopping cart service for e-commerce. Polls, surveys, and counter tolls are available.


The site gives you advertising credits through Bling, Google, and Facebook. Bloggers can have Word Press features integrated with their site.


Unique in that the site uses wind energy, has monitoring and 24 hour support available for webmasters.


2012 October 4
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by Evgeny Ponomarev

hostgatorHostgator is another popular web hosting provider online. This site has plans that start at just $3.71 but prices go up depending upon what you buy. Basic features include:

  • Unlimited Disk Space, Bandwidth, and Email
  • Free Site Building Tools and 4,500 Website Templates
  • Free Shopping Cart Software
  • Free Forums, Photo Galleries, Membership Scripts
  • 24/7/365 Technical Support
  • 45 Day Money Back Guarantee

Plans include $100 Google Adwords credit, free site builder, 4,500 templates, control panel, unlimited emails, unlimited space, and 24/7 technical support. Hostgator’s customer support has a very quick response time.


2012 October 4
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by Evgeny Ponomarev

This hosting provider starts at $3.75 with regular prices at $6.95.All the services depend upon the hosting plan selected during the3 sign up process. This provider has features such as:

  • Unlimited GB’s of Space
  • Unlimited GB’s of Transfer
  • Unlimited Domain Hosting
  • Unlimited E-Mail Accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • FREE Site Builder
  • FREE Domain Name Registration
  • FREE Instant Setup
  • Anytime Money Back Guarantee

Site Building

This provider gives you a site builder, domain registration. Mail accounts, webmail, email forwarding, file manager, error page customization, control panel, site statistics, and other basic site building features.


Just Host has MySQL databases, CGI library, PHP5, Perl, Python, flash, and shockwave support, and other database services.

The provider has scripts for message forums, forms, blogs, mailing lists, image galleries, polls, and other services.


Just Host can provide shopping cart services such as SSL secure server, OS commerce shopping cart, Zen Cart and other services.


The service has support for streaming video, audio, MIDI files and other multimedia content.


Just Host has quad core processor, backups, Linux operating system, and other services.

Domains and Other Information

This site offers free domain registration, ability to host as many domains as you wish, great uptime, and support to meet your needs. The site is easy to use and the features are integrated into an easy to use control panel. There’s also a money back guarantee with the site.


2012 October 4
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by Evgeny Ponomarev

Bluehost starts at about $4.95 but this varies depending upon all the services you buy from them. Features can be added and subtracted depending on what exactly what you want for your blog or website. This hosting provider has the following core features:

  • UNLIMITED Domain Hosting
  • UNLIMITED GB Hosting Space
  • UNLIMITED GB File Transfer
  • UNLIMITED E-mail Accounts
  • FREE Domain
  • FREE Site Builder with templates
  • Secure Shell, SSL, FTP, Stats
  • CGI, Ruby (RoR), Perl, PHP, MySQL
  • $100 Free Google Credit
  • 24/7 Phone, Chat & Email Support
  • Databases

Bluehost has a lot of various database support, such as MYSQL, CGI-BIN, CGI library, PHP 5, Perl 5, Python, JavaScript and others. There’s flash and shockwave support with this provider as well.

Promotion and Marketing

Bluehost has search engine submission, message forms (PHPBB), form mail scripts, social networking scripts, blog support(WordPress), mailing lists, image galleries, polls, surveys, and other services.


Bluehost has a a lot of e-commerce features such as SSL secure server, OS shopping cart, Agora shopping cart, Cube shopping cart, Zen shopping cart, Password protected directories, and encryption.


Bluehost features streaming video support as well as audio. Real Audio and video support as well as MIDI file support.


Dual quad servers with UPS power backup and diesel generator backup. This host uses Linux operating system and there’’s a customized Apache web server. The site has 24/7 monitoring and backups.


2012 October 4
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by Evgeny Ponomarev

iPage is one of the better web hosts online that you can get for your blog or website. The service is very cheap and starts at around $3.00 when there’s a sale on with the regular price being about $7.95. Prices vary depending upon the individual services you get Here’s what iPage can provide for you:

  • Unlimited Disk Space, Bandwidth & Email Addresses
  • FREE Domain Registration
  • FREE Security Suite
  • FREE Site-Building Tools
  • FREE Online Store
  • FREE Google, Yahoo! & Facebook Marketing Credits
  • GREEN! Powered by 100% wind energy

Core Features:

  • Tons of disk space
  • Transfer/downloads –varies
  • Unlimited domains
  • MySQL Database services

Selling and Marketing

There’s a free online store feature along with a shopping cart and PayPal integration. The site also comes with plenty of advertising credits such as once from Google and Bing.

Email Services

This provider has mailboxes and auto responders available. You can check your mail online if you want with webmail services. There are customizable spam filters as well as virus checking available with iPage.

Site Setup

There an extensive website builder with templates, personalized domains, blog wizard, photo gallery wizard, and the ability to add search features to your website.
Customer Support

There’s a help center along with a ticketing system for customers as well as tutorials available for the features of the site. You can contact iPage 24 hours per day by phone, chat and email.

Technology Used

This web hosting site has a web hosting panel, enhanced security features, 24/7 network monitoring, and statistics to track your website visitors.